B2B Ecommerce Site Search Trends Report 2024

Algolia spoke with over 700 B2B industry leaders across several global markets on where the market is heading in 2024 and how they plan to take advantage of AI search to stand out in the market to drive growth.

New priorities for a shifting B2B landscape

Survey respondents selected the following as key business priorities for 2024


Scale revenue and profitability


Shift revenue to ecommerce


Automate processes


Reduce costs

Building an exceptional online experience

Search is vital for B2B online shopping

Search is vital when shifting sales from in-person to online

Currently only about 26.4% of B2B purchases are reportedly made online. There’s a huge opportunity to drive more sales through ecommerce channels, and this is a top strategy for B2B organizations. 48% of them either recently invested in ecommerce or are prioritizing it for 2024, and they see AI search as an essential functionality for a successful shift from in-person sales to online shopping. 

Capitalize on AI search

B2B companies are ready to capitalize on AI search

AI fed by large language models (LLMs) and conversational commerce are rising fast as a priority in the B2B ecosystem. An increasing number of companies are scaling their digital maturity to automate processes and provide an enriched ecommerce experience. 86% of B2B organizations are more likely to choose a search solution with AI.

B2B AI search use cases

How B2B organizations will use AI search

Most of B2B organizations want to use search solutions for searchandising, which blends the functionality of search with merchandising techniques across a catalog of items for purchase. But there are other high priority use cases.

  • Searchandising

  • Support search

  • Site search

  • Content discovery

  • App search

  • Workplace search

Buyer’s journey checklist

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