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The design of the InstantSearch React library is really elegant and helps us build the things we want and the way we want them with flexibility out of the box,” Kahn says. “In fact, things that we know we can get from Algolia are generally less work than fetching it internally or building out systems internally to fetch that data.

Ryan Kahn

Engineering Manager @ Amplitude Analytics
Search plays a huge part in user experience,” Saravana says. “These days no one wants to have a hierarchical navigation to find content. You don’t go to a library and look for fiction section and then drill down to try to find the Game of Thrones novel. It’s not going to work. You go to the help desk tool and type in ‘game of thrones.’ and locate the book right away!

Saravana Kumar

CEO @ Document360
The API and SDK options are really great, and the ability to handle traffic at scale. We have a high volume and Algolia is very fast — able to keep up with our level of traffic.

Matt Goorley

Engineering Manager @ LTK
Algolia's powerful SaaS solution does the heavy lifting for our small development team. Indexing APIs and other functionalities come in handy when it comes to promo changes, price updates, and ranking. Also, Algolia's out-of-the-box UI integration provides a great base for developing complex UI use cases.

Hector Almaguer

CTO @ Blindster
What’s nice about Algolia is that I can change the ranking algorithm and the UI without needing developer help,” Cho says. “Or, I can implement various rules. For example, ‘if the user types in YOSEM, the search function will always pin Yosemite National Park to the first ranked result.’ Those are things I can implement and see in action quickly.

Sydney Cho

Senior Product Manager @ AllTrails

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1const App = () => (
3  <SearchBox />
4  <Hits />
5  <Pagination />
6  <RefinementList
7    attribute="company"
8  />
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